Thursday, 19 July 2012

NECA Michael Myers 18" Action Figure


Even though it's not Halloween yet, Michael Myers decided to show up and showcase off his menacing stare and heavy breathing.  Read on for your trick OR treat...

The Michael Myers 18" action figure from NECA, released in 2004, is an impressive looking figure. NECA did a fantastic job of capturing the infamous mask. Most action figures of Michael Myers, even NECA's smaller 7" version, had a hard time doing this. Thankfully, in the large format, it allowed them to capture all the tiny details, such as the glue lines on the side of the mask. 

The figures articulation is very limited, the arms move up and the elbows are cut joints. Myers was never known to be doing any amazing acrobatic moves, so the poses this figure allows are the ones you'll be wanting anyway.  

The figure comes with one accessory, the giant butcher knife. It also has a neat feature (albeit a typical feature with 18" figures), a motion activated sound that plays the Halloween theme, with Michael Myers heavy breathing mixed in with it. Check out the quick video below to see this feature.

Side note: Do you like Michael Myers? Do you have this figure already? If you answered No to both, why are you reading this? If you answered Yes to both, good job. If you answered No to the first and Yes to the second, I'm confused. How about this, if you answered Yes to the first and No to the second, you owe it to yourself to seek out this figure right now and I mean right now. I'll wait... okay did you get it yet? You did? Great! 

Now lets bask in the multitude of pictures below. (Click to enlarge.)

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