Friday, 27 July 2012

Hellraiser Series 1: Chatter Beast Cenobite

Over half way through the Hellraiser Series 1 showcase and what better way to celebrate than by showcasing man's best friend, the Chatter Beast, as seen in Hellraiser: Bloodline. A Cenobite you'd want to take immediately to the pound. Lets play some fetch by reading on...

The Chatter Beast action figure is interesting in the fact that it's unlike any of the other figures in the entire series of Hellraiser. Pinhead's "pet" in Hellraiser: Bloodline, this Cenobite was ferocious and deadly. Those characteristics are present in the design of the creature, with it's stretched and reconfigured skin (along with a pretty badass spiked collar). The figure has several points of articulation, the back legs have cut joints, along with cut joints in the front legs, neck and shoulders. The front paw and lower jaw has a joint that allows them to be moved up and down. The poses you'll obtain in regards to articulation is limited to mainly four, mouth opened/closed, paw up/down. The figure comes with two accessories (chew toys), a severed head and arm. Those can be fit into the mouth, which will allow for a lot better and more interesting poses. Also, another stand/piece of the puzzle box (only a few more left before we can open the gateway to pain and pleasure). The paint work is in line with the previous ones. No complaints can be had as it looks great.

Chatter Beast from Hellraiser: Bloodline

This is definitely a figure that you'll either love or hate. I think the figure is interesting and really stands out in series full of robes and leather. I'd personally recommend picking him up if you don't already own it. I mean come on, look at the cute little puppy dog face...

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