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Hellraiser Series 1: CD Cenobite

As we race through the Hellraiser Series 1 showcase, seeing stellar figure after stellar figure, we finally come upon the outcast in the bunch, the CD Cenobite from Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth. A ridiculous Cenobite and sadly, even NECA couldn't do anything to change that. Let's spin a tune by reading on...

Before I go on with this showcase, it should be noted that when I bought this figure, a part of him was missing from the package. One of the CD pieces that goes in his head was gone (several are loose, so watch out). I contacted NECA about it and they sent me a brand new figure free of charge. Great customer service! So, with that mind, the pictures will be slightly marred by this missing piece.

The CD Cenobite, is part of the awesome squad of Cenobites, handmade by Pinhead himself. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of this design at all, so it's hard to showcase something that you really don't like, without being somewhat of a sarcastic twit.  I'll try my best with just listing the basics.

H3 Promo shot: Oh CD, how ridiculous you are. 

The paint work on the figure is again, perfectly fine. A few paint slops are present on the figure, such as the hands and head, but nothing that is godawful. Articulation is actually the highest so far in the line, yet it manages to be the worst. The legs have joints at the knees and feet, but they're at such an awkward angle, they only allow one single pose that doesn't look stupid. Besides that, the arms have cut joints at the wrist, elbow and shoulders and the head also moves side to side. Accessories included are two CDs that fit in the hands. A very interesting thing with this figure is that the rest of the accessories, four weapons (three blades and some pliers, all bloody) don't fit well in the hands of the figure. They were clearly thrown in so you can use them with other figures in the line.  Basically this being NECA trying to make a selling point on buying the figure. Last is yet another stand/puzzle box piece (oddly enough the same side that came with Stitch, which means the finished box will have two sides the same, which is incorrect).

You owning this figure is going to come down to two reasons: because you love the Cenobite, or because you are collector (like me) and needed to own them all. There really isn't anything wrong with him, so owning him is clearly up to whatever category you fall in.

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  1. As pointed out by a friend on the The Hellbound Web Forums, my bitterness made me forget to mention that NECA did a great job on fixing the body. As you can see in the film, the horrible suit consisted of ski pants and some tasteful loathers.

  2. So I noticed that the figure is pretty damn close to the movie from the torso up. The legs on the figure look like have had details added to them because the movie version definitely had lazy pants that didn't seem to fit the look and feel of some of the other cenobites. I almost prefer the look of the figure over the movie

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