Monday, 11 June 2012

Masked City Hunter Predator

The masked City Hunter Predator hunts us down and brings us part two of the Predator 2-Pack Action Figures showcase.  Check out the part 1 camouflaged Berserker Predator.

The masked City Hunter Predator is from the completely underrated movie, Predator 2.  The figure is brought to us by NECA. It comes with multiple accessories, 2 spears (one extended & the other retracted), smart disc (attaches to thigh), skull with spine and interchangeable hand. The articulation is absolutely fantastic on this figure. He comes with ball jointed hips and double hinged knees, which allow the figure to be displayed in a multitude of poses (hence the multiple photos below).  The paint work on the figure is fantastic, capturing the multi-coloured pattern present in the film.  The netting could be a little better as it doesn't always match up with the mold lines (check your figure before picking up).  

Series 4 of the Predator figures came in the mail today, which I'm excited to crack open and showcase down the road.  I 100% think that any fan of Predator and action figures, need these in their collection. 

Now for the plethora of Predator photos! (Click to enlarge.)

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  1. You can tell you enjoy taking photos, because you get to "play" with your toy when you post it. ;)