Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Jason Voorhees Remake hockey mask

Collectibles showcase for today, is the Jason Voorhees Remake hockey mask, as painted by yours truly. I'll also explain a little bit about the process it took to make the mask, as you see you below.

The mask started off as a blank, with none of the holes and eyes drilled. I also trimmed down the sides of the mask, a normal occurrence when dealing with blanks. I used a dremel tool to do all the work.  

In the process of drilling and trimming.
From there, I decided to do a base paint of almond satin, using Krylon spray paint made for plastic. As you can see in the photo below, a mask can look quite different depending on the lighting and shadows.

Base paint finished.
After the base paint is dry, comes the wonderful process of lining up and painting the chevrons (red triangles) on the mask.  This process can be quite tedious, due to lining up the chevrons just right. If you don't, it will throw the whole look of the mask off.

Tedious chevron work.
Next, I needed to rough up the chevron detail.  This process was done using a hobby knife, slowly chipping away at the paint and sandpaper.  

Damage added. 
Once the above steps are finished, comes the most tasking (but fun) part of mask painting, adding the layers of detail to the mask. After each layer is finished, you'll want to spray your mask with some acrylic clear coat, to protect your work from washing off. After the layering was finished, I added snaps as seen in the photo below.

Difference between layers.
The last step was, weathering up the straps for the mask.  I used an application that I found at a craft store to create the rust on the snaps and the straps. I then used some sandpaper and paint to weather the nylon part of the straps.

Let the rusting begin!
This was just a quick overview on how to paint a Jason blank. Any questions about colours, technique or anything else is welcomed. I hope you enjoyed the showcase today.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures. (Click to enlarge.)

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  1. We don't get a picture with the mask on you??

    1. It didn't even cross my mind when taking the photos. Sorry! I'll have to take some and post them. I have an undermask that I could throw on as well. (It doesn't match the movie though.)

      Thanks for checking out the blog.

  2. Hi, I realize this post is two years old, but I'd love to pick your brain regarding technique. I've been trying to paint my own remake mask for a while now and I either can't seem to get my washes right, or I'm using the wrong kind out brush, or steel will technique is wrong, etc. Btw, I'm guessing you didn't use any steel wool from the look of the pics. :-) anyway, if I could chat with you about the techniques, is be grateful. Thanks, Dan

  3. What is the main color of his mask and what colors should i mix to get that exact color?

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