Sunday, 27 May 2012

Evil Dead 2 Series 1 Action Figures

The first action figure post prize goes to... Evil Dead 2 Series 1 action figures!

The Series 1 action figures from NECA, Farewell to Arms Ash and Deadite Ash, are both great looking. Although I have a few complaints on the figures, in true NECA fashion, the bodies are pretty much the same on both figures, which to NECA makes for quick production and easy money. My next complaint is Ash's face has a super surprised look on it and in certain poses it works, but it does limit the number of poses you can obtain.

As for the photos, I couldn't remember what accessories went with which, so Farewell to Arms Ash has most of the accessories in his photos. After a little research online (after the fact), Farewell to Arms Ash comes with an interchangeable right forearm, severed possessed hand, shotgun and axe. Deadite Ash comes with a tape deck, necronomicon book and Linda's severed head. 

Conclusion time! I highly recommend picking these figures up and look forward to Series 2, which contains the hero version of Ash and the basement dwelling Henrietta.

Now for the pictures! (Click to enlarge.)

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  1. Nice post and pics! McFarlane did Army of Darkness figures and NECA is now doing Evil Dead 2 figures; I wonder if anyone will do figures from the original Evil Dead movie, such as the possessed campers from the end of the film?

  2. Thanks!

    I have one of the McFarlane figures, which I'll showcase down the road. I never did get the Pit Deadite box set they had.

    I much prefer NECA's Army of Darkness and Evil Dead 2 figures. I would also love for them to do The Evil Dead. Hopefully down the road they'll decide to do them.

    Thanks again for checking out the blog. :)