Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Clive Barker's Hellraiser Cenobite Lair

The Action Figure showcase today, is in fact more than just action figures.  The Clive Barker's Hellraiser Cenobite Lair by NECA, released 2005 exclusively at Spencers Gifts, is extremely hard to come by nowadays. Thankfully, I found someone on eBay selling it for a solid price and I snatched it up.

The set comes with four figures, Pinhead, Butterball, Chatterer and Female II. If you bought the previous series of Hellraiser figures (showcase in the near future), you will already own 3 of the four. Female II  was only released in this set, meaning you couldn't buy her individually. Each figure is highly detailed, right down to the pins, hooks and wires holding back gaping wounds. Three of the figures come with there own accessories, oddly enough Chatterer is missing his chain and hook. Pinhead has the puzzle box and a few knives on his belt, Butterball has his icepick and Female II has her two blades.

The lair is a recreation of the attic from the first Hellraiser film. Overloaded with grotesque details, such as the pillar, with it's gnarled remains, to the scattered pieces of Frank's face found on the floor.  Numerous chains hang from the cross beams, dripping with eviscerated intestines and other bloody body parts.  This set is definitely not for kids.

The set also comes with a signed drawing by Clive Barker.
Some assembly is required when you open it up. The four walls need to be attached, along with the two cross beams. From there, you can hang the chains and pillar however you want. There was a struggle and a few swear words heard when setting it up, as it was a pain to piece it together. Two complaints I have are, the chains occasionally fall off and the size of the lair is a little cramped, when all four figures are put in it. These small problems will quickly vanish though once you see the whole grisly setup.

Enough about the gruesome details of the set, let's get to the guts of what you came to see, the pictures! (Click to enlarge.)  

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  1. After finishing up the Hellraiser Series 1 showcases, I've noticed that the Pinhead in this box set is unique, in that the head is sculpted with teeth baring. It is sort of a cross between Series 1 and Series 2 Pinheads.

    So I take back saying Female II is the only unique figure in this set.